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A Safe and Efficient Nursing Tool

The introduction of Easy Move slide sheets has improved the quality of life for Care Givers and their Patients.

Easy Move slide sheets have changed the manual handling landscape, reducing the degree of difficulty for thousands of Nurses when used as a Patient-handling aid.

Providing the very best slide sheets demonstrates respect and recognition of the vital role of Nurses in Patient care, which reduces stress, lifts morale and meets both the required duty of care and the obligation to provide a safe workplace.

Easy Move slide sheets are recognised as a superbly efficient slide sheet and provide greatly improved patient-handling outcomes, they are the preferred slide sheet of Nurses, who have embraced them Australia- wide.

As Easy Move slide sheets are a defining safety feature in the workplace, the road to continuous improvement in patient-handling outcomes is obvious. Nurses must be provided with the best slide sheets available.

Improved patient handling outcomes are not possible without performance based selection of slide sheets by the informed.

Patient and Nurse
Older man with nurse

Make every move an easy move!

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