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Use Easy Move Slide Sheets for Quality, Efficiency and Durability

Slide sheets are not all the same no matter what the makers’ claims. They vary greatly in quality, efficiency and durability and many fall below carers’ expectations.

The quality of Easy Move Slide Sheets as determined by extensive and exhaustive network trials is unsurpassed.

Our unique fabric enables minimal friction, quiet use, and multi-directional movement of the sheet.

Simple wash instructions are provided as a guide to maximise the life of Easy Move Slide Sheets beyond 150 washes. This allows our Easy Move Slide Sheet to retain its’ colour, lustre, softness and functional integrity when laundered correctly, using a pH neutral detergent and no other additives.

Product Range

Easy Move Slide Sheets come in a variety of colours including blue, green, red, and orange.


  • Easy Move Slide Sheet – King size: 1.45m x 2m

  • Easy Move Slide Sheet – Standard size: 1.45m x 1m

Customised labels on each slide sheet can also be included.


Contact us to discuss your requirements so we can provide you with a quote that is tailored for your needs.

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Make every move an easy move!

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