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The Benchmark in Slide Sheet Quality

Make every move an easy move!

Easy Move Slide Sheets
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Why Easy Move is the preferred Slide Sheet?
  • Ultra-low friction fabric of exceptional quality

  • Superior performance

  • Test documented to 150 washes – hot wash tolerant

  • Soft and pleasant to handle

  • Generously proportioned and various sizes available

  • Heat sealed edges (seam free, reduces fraying)

  • Infection control compliant

  • Easy to position, maintain and use

  • Preferred sheet in evaluation trials

  • Quiet during use

  • Easily removed after use

  • Efficient when wet

  • Cost effective

  • Readily available and Latex free


Carer's Choice

Ultra low friction fabric of exceptional Quality

Exceptional Quality

Test documented to 150 washes

Quality Fabric

Heat sealed edging

Ease of use

Easy to position, maintain and use

Slide Sheets are designed to aid with the movement and transfer of patients to eliminate the need for lifting a patient and minimise manual handling injuries. The complexities of patient handling are varied, and slide sheets ensure the repositioning and transfer is done easily, safely and with minimum discomfort to both the patient and carer. 

Easy Move Slide Sheets have established a high benchmark for slide sheet quality, efficiency, and durability that retain all the required slide sheet characteristics beyond 150 washes. As the single most important patient handling aid to reduce the degree of difficulty during patient handling, they are the preferred slide sheet of nurses, health professionals, and carers.

We provide trial slide sheets for evaluation and comparison as part of our mission and vision to promote a better health care product. To use Easy Move is to be convinced!

What our clients say

Over the years I have tried many brands and styles, but since using your sheets I have stopped looking, as your easy move slide sheets are the best I have used, they perform well under pressure, wash easily, with no problems of fraying or disintegrating.


Pippa Wright



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